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The Visitor Centre, housed in NAR Railway Station Museum, is operated by Tourism Dawson Creek in cooperation with Destination British Columbia. To best serve visitors in Dawson Creek the Visitor Centre is open Year-round. Well trained counsellors are available to provide travel information. We are up to date on special events and attractions. Our counsellors have detailed information on the community, region and province. Also a wide selection of brochures, maps, accommodation guides along with vacation planners are available for vacation destinations throughout Canada as well as Alaska. The perfect T-shirt or post card to summarize your trip can be found in the Visitor Centre gift shop. Basic facilities are also available at the Visitor Centre such as parking, and public washrooms..

If you need accommodations, counsellors will be happy to assist you in booking your stay (via telephone or online) through Destination BC Approved properties. For your northern adventure there are up-to-date daily weather forecasts, road conditions, and Aurora Borealis forecast information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q. Is the Alaska Highway paved all the way to Fairbanks?

A. Yes, the Alaska Highway is paved from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks. In the summer there is always construction where you will have to drive on gravel, but these are not long distances.

Q. Can we use American postage stamps to send postcards from Dawson Creek?

A. Canadian postage is required to mail postcards to any country from Canada. Stamps can be purchased at the Visitor Information Centre or the local post office. Postcards can be mailed at the Visitor Information Centre, the local post office or drop boxes that are on the corner of 102 Avenue and 10th Street.

Q. Can we take pictures in the Dawson Creek museum and the Art Gallery?

A. Pictures and videos are allowed in the local museum. They are also allowed in the Art Gallery, but only of the entrance and the main foyer, not of individual artist's works.

Q. Are Dawson Creek and Dawson City the same place?

A. No. Dawson Creek is in the province of British Columbia and is Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. Dawson City is in the Yukon Territory, is 300 miles north west of Whitehorse, Yukon (which is 950 miles north of Dawson Creek, B.C) and is on the Klondike Highway. You can get to Alaska through Dawson City and over the Top of the World Highway. Confusion has come about over the years because the cities' names are almost the same. They were both named after George Mercer Dawson who was a renowned surveyor that traveled to both sites in the late 1800's.

Q. How many days travel to Fairbanks?

A. If you drive 300 miles (480 kilometers per day), which is usually about 6 hours of travel, you can get to Fairbanks from Dawson Creek comfortably in 5 days. This schedule does not however, take into consideration any side trips, relaxation or entertainment. When planning your trip, keep in mind that there are many wonderful things to see and do. Because of the vastness and of BC, the Yukon and Alaska, we recommend at least two weeks

Q. Should I put shields on my headlights and tow car?

A. The Alaska Highway is completely paved, but in places there is construction where you will have to drive on gravel, which could cause rock chips. Also, there are some points along the highway that the lanes have gravel on the roadside which can kick up when you are traveling behind or passing a vehicle in the opposite lane.

Q. Can you see the Northern Lights in Dawson Creek?

A.Yes, the Northern Lights can be seen very well in Dawson Creek and area. A place away from city lights is best for viewing the lights (a 10 minute drive in any direction from downtown). The best time of year to see the lights is August through March. It is difficult to see any of the Northern Lights in the summer months because of the long hours of sunlight in the north.

Q. Are there services such as service stations, restaurants, motels or campgrounds from Dawson Creek to Alaska?

A.Yes, there are plenty of service station/restaurant stops along the highway. There are cities with complete and numerous services on an average of 300 miles apart all the way to Fairbanks. Brochures on services up the highway are available at the Dawson Creek Visitor Information Centre.

Q. Can American money be used?

A. It is recommended that you carry Canadian cash throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. However, businesses do accept American cash for purchases, not just to exchange funds. The exchange rate that businesses will give is usually posted. Note here that the exchange rate is paid on U.S. bills, but not on U.S. coin. To exchange foreign currency, it is suggested that you go to a chartered bank as you will receive an up-dated daily rate. If you do not wish to spend your foreign currency, most places accept all major credit cards. In your transaction the daily exchange will be calculated by your credit card company on your statement.

Q. We don't understand the kilometer signs for your highway speed limits in Canada. Can you explain your kilometer signs? Your temperature scale?

A. The easiest way to convert from kilometers (km) to miles is to know that 6 miles is equal to 10 km, or 6/10 of a mile is equal to 1 kilometer. If you see a road sign that says 100 km, it means the speed limit is 60 miles per hour. In most towns and cities, the speed limit is usually 50 km which is 30 miles per hour. Converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit requires a formula. To convert Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit temperatures:

Fahrenheit = Celsius * 9/5 + 32

For Example: 10 degrees above Celsius =10 * 9/5 + 32

=90/5 + 32

=18 + 32

=50 degrees Fahrenheit


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