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Pelvic Floor, Core & More Workshop

Date: Dec 8, 2018 10:00 am to

Location: Bloom Family Wellness Collective
Address: #205 - 833 102nd Ave

Have you ever been told that peeing your pants when you laugh, run or jump is normal after having a baby?? Are you frustrated that you still look a little pregnant months after baby is born?? Are you having lower back pain since giving birth?? Have you been diagnosed with a prolapse?? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then please-come to this workshop. 

Pelvic floor, core and more. A workshop with Dr. Jillian Squires- Chiropractor and certified MUTU Pro. 

This workshop will focus on pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence, abdominal separation and pelvic organ prolapse after having baby. It doesn’t matter if you had a baby last year or 10 years ago, these issues affect many women. 
As a Chiropractor who works with loads of moms, and who has went through similar issues myself, I saw the need to address pelvic floor and core health on a deeper level. 
Now, as a certified MUTU pro, I am very excited to take you all through this 2 hour workshop geared toward getting you on a path to feeling like yourself again. 
Come in workout gear, as we will be doing some light core work at the end of the workshop to start you on your recovery. No runners needed as we will be barefoot! 

If you have any questions about the course, or you would like to register please contact Dr. Jill at squireschiropractic@gmail.com 

Cost is $40/person and spaces are limited