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Spring Women's Clothing Swap

Date: Apr 27, 2019 6:30 pm to

Location: Encana Events Centre
Address: 1 - 300 Highway 2

Have you ever participated in a clothing swap? The premise is so simple! Simply go through your closets and dresser drawers and select items that you wish to donate to the swap. Receive tokens in exchange for your items which you can use the night of the event to 'purchase' new to you, pre-loved clothing. Check out the website for more details!

Go through your clothing and find gently used, pre-loved clothing that is suitable for the clothing swap.**No swimwear, lingerie or jewelry**

Check the clothing carefully - are there any stains? are there any rips or tears? is it in good condition?

Once you are satisfied that you have gathered no more than 20 items to swap, drop them off at one of the designated times (TBD - we will post once we have a schedule)

You will receive token(s) in exchange for your item(s). These tokens will be used as currency to purchase clothing the night of the swap!
There will be an opportunity to purchase additional tokens and you do not need to have donated items in order to attend the evening of the Swap.