Upcoming Events

Parenting and Social Media @ Mercer Hall

Date: Monday, June 10, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

Location: Co-op Mercer Hall
Address: Co-op Mercer Hall #1 - 300 Highway 2, Dawson Creek, B

Adults and kids are using social media in two very different ways, and many kids don’t feel like they can approach an adult with their problems, or even the things they’re excited about. We’re committed to bridging this gap and doing everything we can to start a positive social media conversation in homes.

Parents and kids ages 8+ are invited to join us, to learn how to start a social media conversation that will help keep your kids safe, while respecting their view on social media.

As motivational speakers, we've talked with thousands of kids across Alberta. In every school they speak at, regardless of grade, the feedback is the same. The teachers are amazed we held the kids attention, and had them interacting with us. They express gratitude for our message, but also let us know we provided some much needed perspective and understanding to them.

The kids feel heard.

In high school, the students leave understanding the gravity of some of their actions, and the potential impact it has on their lives.

And in every single presentation – every single one, regardless of grade – we have a child approach us and report something that makes them or a friend unsafe. In every presentation, we have a child approach us with excitement over something cool they’re doing with their social media.

Presented by Browns' Chevrolet, tickets are free!