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The Effects of Toxic Overload Workshop @ Gridiron Fitness

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Gridiron Fitness Centre
Address: Gridiron Fitness Centre Ltd. 1148 102nd Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC

Are you looking for natural ways to improve your overall health and well-being? How about learning about the correct foods to eat to fuel your body with vitamins and nutrients, in return strengthening your immune system? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you. You will learn about food supplements and lifestyle tips that partner with the topics we will be covering; as well as how to incorporate basic essential oils into your daily life. Essential Oils are a natural, non-toxic, chemical free alternative to self-care. It is important to be proactive and take care of our body before illness and fatigue take us down.


Cleansing & Reducing your overall toxic load - Chemicals, pollutants, and toxins are found in the food we eat, the things we touch and the air we breathe. You’ll understand why it’s important to have a strong immune system to fight off bacterial and viral infections and how cleansing can assist your body.

Sleep - Did you know that lack of sleep suppresses the immune system function? Your body needs sleep in order to help fight infectious diseases and to ensure your immune system has energy.

Hosted by Rooted Holistic Healing & Self-Empowered Healing

Michaela Wandling, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, believes that everyone has unique nutritional needs that require consideration when providing customized nutritional guidance and consultations for her clients. Each individual’s lifestyle, diet and health goals, as well as their body on a whole level ( mind / spirit ), are taken into account with each tailored plan.

We can’t control other environments and situations but we can control the choices we make in how we decide to limit our exposure to environmental / chemical threats.