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Inner Peace Yoga

Date: Jul 20, 2019 6:00 pm to

Location: Inner Peace Yoga & Pilates
Address: 10109B 10th Street

Healing Hands Restorative
Delve deep into the Earth body and allow the asana to open spaces for you to ground and release. This class is designed by a Master Healer to restore using hands on assists and energy clearing. You will be guided through a transformational practice that opens the mind to its true essence with our Mother; the Earth. Journey into the Underworld to meet Huaskar the underworld keeper of the medicine teachings who will offer you guidance in life.
This class is an opportunity for you to move through the stagnant parts of the body. Jaguar will come assist in tracking those deep shadow parts that will help you track the pain to its root cause. Anita will use Energy hands to assist in the movement of these dark energies to help transmute them to Gold; freeing your Earth body of the emotions that may be binding your process to move forward.
Investment is $50
Limited space available, please email anitaweimann@gmail.com to register and e-transfer to secure your spot
More on the Anita Weimann
Anita has been teaching Yoga since 2012, assisting in medicine wheel and Shamanic Yoga teacher trainings since 2013. She has 1000 hours of Shamanic Yoga mastery training with the institute and is currently training to teach Medicine Wheel and Black Stone Mesa Mastery.
She is proud to be of the bloodline of the Northern Dené people from Alberta and has been humbled to sit with Elders from many communities throughout B.C. and Alberta through the years. She has facilitated ceremonies for birth and death bringing in a greater knowledge around those direct connections to the other worlds.
She has been intently listening to the oral teachings that her teachers share and will bring this to the students in her classes and in her personal energy healing practice. “I am honoured and blessed to be a part of these spiritual communities and to be able to offer my work and assist all of earths people a way to heal through shamanic energy healings, yoga and natural transmissions from the land.”
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Anita will be offering Shamanic Energy Healings while she is in townplease contact anitaweimann@gmail.com to register for this workshop or book an appointment