Canalta After-School Care

Address: 1901-110th Ave, Dawson Creek, BC
Telephone: 250-784-3604
Categories:  Children and Childcare

Our OSC Childcare serviced is specially designed to meet the needs of you and your child(ren). This Licensed Program gives children, kindergarten to grade 6 a place to have fun with others their own age, weekdays during hours when school is not in session. This program is designed to be very active. we are also open on Non-Instructional days which is located at one central location the Youth Care Centre. Registration is not confirmed until payment is made to community Services (Parks & Rec) City Hall (10105 12A Street). Call 784-3604 for more information. Childcare spaces cannot be reserved until Parks and Recreation receives the following: Authorization forms ( Subsidy Clients), Outstanding amounts are paid in full, Payment: Cash, Cheque (postdated cheques for each month, Debit/Charge Card

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