Dawson Creek & District Chamber of Commerce

Address: 10201 - 10th Street, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3T5
Telephone: (250) 782-4868
Fax: (250) 782-2371
Contact Email: info@dawsoncreekchamber.ca
Categories:  Business

The Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce is the salesman for the community and business, unceasingly promoting their products and service, and at the same time is their watchdog, protecting their interest particularly in the political arena. The united voice of the Dawson Creek and District Chamber has often proven effective and beneficial to businesses and residents of our community where a single voice can og unheard. The benefit of belonging to the Chamber is full-time representation and year-round results. Our objective is to advance the industrial, commercial, and civic interests of the City of Dawson Creek and the surrounding District, and to support the interests of its citizens in Municipal, Provincial and National issues.

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