Final Rule Paint-Tag

Address: RR #2, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4E8
Telephone: 250-784-3936
Contact Email:
Categories:  Recreation

Final Rule Paint-Tag opened for business in 1992. Currently, we have 9 fields offering a wide variety of challenging paintball games. The fields range in size from 130 ft x 200 ft to 275tf x 615 ft to fit your group or party. Final Rule Paint-Tag offers picnic tables, fire pit and shelters for player comfort. Safety is our primary concern. We have safety fence surrounding the staging area on three sides and enforce the marker safety, barrel sock and headgear rules. We believe that paintball is a sport and should not be connected with any promotion towards violence.

We run paintball games for groups and businesses to play in a safe and fun environment. We have had players as young as 10 years old and the oldest to date was 63.

Northbound: 8 miles up the Alaska Highway, turn right, then left at Road 227, follow signs.

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