Travellers Inn

Address: 800 - 112 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC
Telephone: (250) 782-5333
Fax: (250) 782-5332
Categories:  Hotel and Motel

# of rooms: 37
Pets on site:  No
Pets allowed:  Yes
Children welcome:  Yes
Sauna / Whirlpool / Jacuzzi / Hot Tub: S, W, J
Internet services:  Yes
Shared or Private bath: Private
Wheel Chair accessible:  Yes
Year Round:  Yes
Kitchenette:  Yes
Lounge:  No
Complimentary breakfast:  Yes
Licensed Restaurant:  No
Pool:  No
Exercise Facility:  No
Convention/Meeting Rooms:  No
Laundry Service:  No
Reservations:  Yes
Flush/Dry Toilets:  No
Showers:  No
Sani-dump:  No
Laundry facilities:  Yes
Campfires:  No
Boat launch:  No
Credit cards accepted:  No

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